Mission and Purpose

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The organization’s mission is to serve the humanity with passion by ensuring the welfare of those less privileged, from children to old age people through life and death.  In general the main purpose of the trust is to:

  • Provide Medical Aid by:
    • Out sourcing medicines from outside for providing to those in need
    • Supporting hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, camps, dispensaries and other medical infrastructure/ facility for the help of poor & needy patients
  • Providing financial assistance
    • By extending scholarships and books & stationery articles to deserving students amongst the needy segments of the society
    • To those performing ‘Ann Dann’ to feed the poor, destitute, patients and their attendants at local hospitals
    • To Institutions providing shelter to those who are differently able
    • For Relief measures for areas affected by natural calamities
    • To those institutions who create awareness amongst people towards fulfillment of such social responsibilities


  1. Gallery
  2. Organisation Structure
  • Online Donations The donations made to the Trust are exempted under Section 80G (5) (vi) of the IT ACT, 1981 as per the GOI, Income Tax Deptt, the Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemptions), Chandigarh, Office Order No. CIT(E)/Chd/80G/AAETA5464A/2016-17/7345 dated: 23/12/2016


  1. Future Projects and Plans
  • Construction of Sarai Bhawan for Cancer Patients
  • Planting and maintaining trees on a dedicated area for environment protection
  • Old Age Home


Daily Meal Schedule Link

As on today, the Trust is serving free food and other nutritious food items such as dalia, milk and soup etc as per following schedule:

  1. Bread & Tea 7.00 AM- 9.00 AM For all patients and attendants
  2. Dalia & Milk 8.00 AM                       For Indoor patients of Cancer Hospital
  • Fruit              11.30 AM                    For Indoor patients of Cancer Hospital
  1. Soup 4.00 PM                        For Indoor patients of Cancer Hospital
  2. Dalia 9.00 AM-8.00 PM        For all patients & attendants
  3. Tea & Biscuits 7.00 AM-4.00 PM        For all patients & attendants
  • Lunch 11.00 AM-2.00 PM      For all patients & attendants
  • Dinner 7.00 PM-9.00 PM         For all patients & attendants

The number of persons served is above 3000 on every day from this Cancer Hospital complex.

In addition to above, the Trust has also started serving free tea & biscuits and food from its Kamala Nehru Hospital complex langer hall since, May, 2016. The schedule of daily free services is as under:

  1. Bread & tea 7.00 AM – 9.00 AM     For all patients and attendants
  2. Milk 7.00 AM – 9.00 AM     For patients
  • Dinner 7.00 PM-8.00 PM        For all patients & attendants
  1. Dalia 7.00 PM-9.00 PM        For all patients  & attendants

The number of persons served free food and tea & biscuits on daily basis are on average  400


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