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Governor of Himachal Pradesh Bandaru Dattare ji On occasion of Republic day celebrations

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Since 2014, free tea and biscuits have been served to the patients and attendants at cancer hospital as well as of IGMC Hospital, from a space of about 100sqft. Additinaxlly, indoor patients of the cancer hospital are also served dalia / sabudana at their beds.

Ambulance Service

Running Free Ambulance Service with a fleet of three ambulances, for Cancer , Thalassemia & Dialysis patients within the periphery of Shimla town

Children Welfare

Visiting Orphan Children Home, especially during the festive season, serving delicious food and gifts. Entertainment includes nukkad natak and outdoor visits/ picnics. Merit based financial support to underprivileged children for higher education

Old Age Homes

Visiting Old Age Homes for providing emotional support by spending time with them, including outdoor trips, sharing experiences and feelings

Dead Body Van

Running Dead Body Van – providing free service within Shimla City

Blood Donation

Blood donation camps organised for the poor and needy patients in Shimla town, in association with Blood Banks of state hospitals. Approximately 400 blood donation campsn have been organised over the last seven years with about 20000 blood units collected.

Medical Camps

Organizing Periodic Medical Camps for providing free Medical & Eye check-up. Distribution of free medicines and other health tonics as per prescription. Over the last five years on average 300 patients Examined Medically, 200 spectacles to poor eye sight patients distributed and 20 cataract operations done every year.

Social Welfare

Serving free food to patients and attendants at local Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla hospitals, namely Cancer Hospital and Mother & Child care, Kamla Nehru Hospital. Food includes Morning & Evening two time meal for patients & attendants. Nutritious breakfast with milk, fruit juice & vegetable soup for the Indoor patients as per a set schedule


We visit old age home during the year, spend some time with them and serve them food of their choice. We also visit orphan children homes on festivals to celebrate the with them. On these occasions they are served with delicious food and gifts.

Roti Bank

As part of the free langar, initially dal and rice were served. With time, as the number of people served increased, a need to supplement rice with rotis was felt. Limited infrastructure in-house to make rotis in bulk, led to the idea of setting up a ‘Roti Bank’ whereby local households, school children, Government employees and social help groups came together to donate ‘Rotis’ to a common pool. The rotis are collected every evening to be served at the langar. The concept of Roti bank not only met the food requirements for the langar but also fostered a sense of community bringing about a movement in serving the society. Since inception, Roti bank has become a successful concept in drawing interest from people across different fields making a difference in the lives of many. Presently, we are having 40 collection centre and daily collection vary from 3000 to 5000 depending upon the strength of particular school/ institution on that particular day. However, collection drops to 1500 to 2000 during winter season due to closing of schools during winter season. The contribution of one roti for Roti Bank by the school children has inculcated the habit of Caring & Sharing amongst them.

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The organization’s mission is to serve the humanity with passion by ensuring the welfare of those less privileged, from children to old age people through life and death

ChariTaBle Trust

Almighty Blessings is a Charitable Registered Trust, set up in the year 2014 by its founder members S/Sh Sarbjeet Singh Bobby & Sh Ajay Sood. Over the years the organization has grown both its team of volunteers and supporters as well at its outreach in the nature of services provided to that in need. *(Registration No. 324/14   dated 15/11/2014 under the Stamp of Sub-Registrar (U), Shimla). 


Provide support, both financially as well as services based, to those who most need it

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Pictures taken during outdoor visit of cancer patients at Sankat Mochan Mandir on 8/12/2019.

Team Members

Sarbjeet Singh Bobby

Managing Trustee-Self Employed. M/S Sohan Boot House. M 94180-61000

Charanjeet Singh

Trustee-Self Employed House No.9, Upper Kaithu Bazar, Shimla-171003 M 94180-26572

Ram Gopal Sood

Trustee-Retd Govt. Officer Vishvas Sadan, Prospect Hill, Upper Chakkar, Shimla-171005 M 94180-30700

Ajay Sood

Managing Trustee - Self Employed. M/S Shiv Dayal Roshan Lal. M 98160-21247

Kalika Parshad

Trustee-Sales Joshi Bhawan, Card Road, Shimla-171001 M 94181.10524

Dr Kimi Sood

Trustee-Academician House near Chief Fire Office Building, Stokes Place, Shimla-171002 M 94180-48224

Rajinder Nath Nehru

(2014-2018)Trustee-Retd Govt. Officer House adjoining Timber House, Cart Road, Shimla-171001 M 94180-48810


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